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The Rebel - Anonymous

The Rebel - Anonymous

"A New Song, or Balade, shewing the naughty conceits of Traytours; that all loial and true-hearted men may know and eschew the same. _They counte Peace to be cause of ydelnes, and that it maketh" men hodipekes and cowardes._"--Bp. Christopherson, _Exh. ag. Rebel._ 1554.

"Tell me no more of Peace--
'Tis cowardice disguised;
The child of Fear and heartless Ease,
A thing to be despised.

"Let daffodills entwine
The seely Shepherd's brow,
A nobler wreath I'll win for mine,
The Lawrel's manly bough.

"May-garlands fitter shew
On swains who dream of Love;
And all their cherisance bestow
Upon the whining dove--

"I'll have no doves--not I--
Their softness is disgrace;
I love the Eagle's lightning eye,
That stares in Phæbus' face.

"I mark'd that noble thing
Bound on his upward flight,
Scatter the clouds with mighty wing,
And breast the tide of light--

"And scorn'd the things that creep
Prone-visaged on the Earth;
To eat it's fruits, to play, to sleep,
The purpose of their birth.

"Such softlings take delight
In Cynthia's sickly beam--
Give me a heav'n of coal black night
Slash'd with the watch-fire gleam.

"They doat upon the lute,
The cittern and the lyre--
Such sounds mine eare do little sute,
They match not my desire.

"The trumpet-blast--let it come
In shrieks on the fitful gale,
The charger's hoof beat time to the drum,
And the clank of the rider's mail.

"Not for the heaps untold
That swell the Miser's hoard,
I claim the birthright of the bold,
The dowry of the Sword--

"Nor yet the gilded gem
That coronets the slave--
I clutch the spectre-diadem
That marshals on the brave.

"For that--be Sin and Woe--
All priests and women tell--
Be Fire and Sword--I pass not tho'
This Earth be made a Hell.

"Above the rest to shine
Is all in all to me--
It is, unto a soul like mine,
To be or not to be.

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